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A technical leader with extensive experience in the successful design and development of some of the most advanced chips in the semiconductor industry.

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Fully Differential Receiver Chipset for 40 Gb/s Applications Using GaInAs/InP Single Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

Advent of multimedia applications, which require data links with ever-increasing capacity, is necessitating high- speed optical communication systems and driving research and development for high-speed ICs operating at 40 Gb/s. These optical fiber communication systems require high performance and low power chipsets, which incorporate useful service functions. Figure 1 illustrates a typical receiver block diagram. The transimpedance amplifier (TIA) converts the current variations generated by the photodetector to an amplified voltage swing at its output. A limiting amplifier, by providing a large dynamic range and a constant limited output, is generally utilized to further shape the signal received from the TIA. The serial high-bit rate data are then passed through a clock and data recovery stage (CDR) for further signal shaping and demultiplexed down to multiple parallel lanes at lower bit rates for easy interfacing with the transport / service ICs, such as de-framers, and finally passed on to network processors for further manipulation.

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content - IEEECS

Feb 18, 2014 ... The chips, noted Intel, are also designed for power efficiency and their ... a wearable device maker that makes Google Glass-like headsets for sports enthusiasts. And the company has also purchased a stake in Thalmic Labs, which ... to overcome, noted Kevin M. Kitagawa, Director of...

3D Global Virtual Teaming Environment

... Wynn, Chuck House. Intel Corporation; Collaboration Research Lab ... national corporation, we identified several unique ... chose an environment already developed by Intel. Research ..... [17] Project Looking Glass, [18] Smith ... Thomas G. Dietterich, Jon Herlocker, Kevin Johnsrude, Lida....

Research challenges of autonomic computing

May 15, 2005 ... Intel Technology Journal, 8(4), November 2004. ..... Ramon Nou , Ferran Julií , Kevin Hogan , Jordi Torres, A path to achieving a self-managed ......

The turn model for adaptive routing

Intel Corporation, A Touchstone DELTA System Description, 1991. 3 ... C. J. Glass and L. M. Ni, "Maximally fully adaptive routing in 2d meshes," Tech. ..... Kevin Bolding , Melanie Fulgham , Lawrence Snyder, The Case for Chaotic Adaptive ......

Increasing network bandwidth on meshes

Technical report, Intel, 1991. GL92. Christopher J. Glass , Lionel M. Ni, The turn model for adaptive routing, ..... Clyde P. Kruskal, Kevin J. Rappoport....

Imagineering an Internet of Anything

Mar 14, 2014 ... neer Kevin Ashton claims to have coined in ... IBM, and Intel earlier this year. ... Glasses. Embedded apps. Autonomy. Analytics. Power supply....