Kevin Glass Intel

Kevin Glass Intel

I'm an Engineer

A technical leader with extensive experience in the successful design and development of some of the most advanced chips in the semiconductor industry.

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Kevin Glass Intel Corp on Pinterest

Kevin Glass Intel Corp on Pinterest

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Technology at it's Best

Futurist technology|Gadgets...

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Custom PC

A board by Kevin Bancroft...

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The Internet Of Things Infographics

Infographics on IOT...

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Infographics For The Future

A board by Emily Baldwin...

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Internet of Things

A board by Hugo Raaijmakers...

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PC Case Mods

Liquid-cooled computer built into a desk...

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The 3D Revolution Takes Off

A board by Mark Veyret...

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Cool tech

Smart futuristic technology and products that make our lives better....

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A board by Hwang Jesun...

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Man & Beast

The strange and sometimes beatific; sometimes horrific relationship between humans and animals. Please feel free to re-pin as many images as you like; as often as you like....

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@ Wearable (e-Textiles)/Smart Fabrics & Fibers

Future Fashion Technology, Wearable Technology, BioCouture / textile biomaterial...

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Dawn of the Computer Era

IBM Harvard Mark I, or the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC) - 1944...

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Wearable Computers and Smart Clothing

As computers shrink, we begin to wear them.....

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet....